Acupuncture is a healing system that originated in China approximately 3500 years ago. During an acupuncture session, very fine, stainless steel, disposable needles are inserted into acupuncture points. These points are doorways into the body's energetic system. Typically 10-12 needles are used per treatment. Acupuncture treatments create a sense of deep relaxation, known as the 'qi sensation' (pronounced chee) which indicates the body is using its own power to heal.

Acupuncture works on many levels (body, mind & spirit) and is beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions including acute and chronic pain, male and female infertility, irregular menstruation, emotional imbalance, anxiety and stress, detoxification and smoking cessation, migraines, tension headaches, back pain, sinusitis, cold and flu symptoms, chronic bronchitis, digestive disorders, and more. If you are not sure whether acupuncture can help your particular condition, take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation with the acupuncturist. Call 802.657.3700 or email to schedule an appointment.


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